Our transfer tumblers, space-saving, movable, simple and efficient are designed to transfer the capsules from your encapsulating equipment to the final tumble dryers.
Endowed with a inner spiral along his length, the tumbler provide a fast, continous and safe transfer of the capsules from the encapsulating machines to the successive drying phase, removing during the this process a part of the excess of moisture.
POM-C ring and funnel assure a smooth transfer to and from the device.
The drum is fully detachable from its mobile stand, allowing to perform the most severe washing and cleaning process reducing at minumum the risks of contamination, fulfilling the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The 3D design in all its details allows the perfect reproducibility of the whole equipment or of its smaller spare part.
The manufacturing process with perfect welding, deburring and pickling procedures is aimed at obtaining a superior finishing standard.
All the raw materials used for the fabrication of the equipments are delivered with 3.1B certificates and have full compatibility and resistance to pharma grade cleaning agents.

The metallic structures are fully executed in stainless steel (AISI 304/AISI 316).

The metallic parts of the mobile support are glass blasted while the parts in contact with the capsules (inside surface of the drum) are polished with successively finer abrasives obtaining a very smooth surface (roughness < 0,4 μm) assuring minimal friction and optimum cleanability of the surfaces.
Other plastic parts in contact with the product are executed in FDA approved materials.
All the components from third suppliers are carefully choosen exclusively from reliable certified manufacturers.

Model TT.500.1000

Power: AC 380 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Drum Rotation Speed: 5 RPM
Power consumption: 0,18 Kw
Noise exposure: <60 dB at 1 m
Overall dimensions: LWH 1.450 x 605 x 980 mm
Drum dimensions: Ø 500 x 1.000 mm

METALLINA is in a position to design, detail and manufacture tailor-made transfer tumblers, meeting our customers’ needs and specifications.



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