A key stage in the manufacture of high quality capsules is the drying phase.
It’s vital that excess moisture is removed in a controlled manner to maintain the capsule quality and protect the compound within. Tumble drying is the most effective method for this drying phase, and a well-designed tumble dryer will yield high quality results in a reduced time, with minimal damage or wastage to the capsules.

The equipments designed and manufactured by METALLINA, achieve the objective of an efficient, effective and safe drying process for pharmaceutical softgel capsules, fulfilling the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Compared to traditional stationary tumble dryers our tumblers are composed by three separate units:

-Mobile stand

While the tunnel is designed to be fixed on ground in the drying room, the stand with the drum are mobile, to let you displace them when and where is necessary during the different stages of the production process, from charging to drying, from emptying to washing and cleaning.

The drum is fully detachable from its mobile stand, allowing to perform the most severe washing and cleaning process minimizing the risks of contamination.
The 3D design in all its details allows the perfect reproducibility of the whole equipment or of its smaller spare part.
The manufacturing process with perfect welding, deburring and pickling procedures is aimed at obtaining a superior finishing standard.
All the raw materials used for the fabrication of the equipments are delivered with 3.1B certificates and have full compatibility and resistance to pharma grade cleaning agents.

The metallic structures are fully executed in stainless steel (AISI 304/AISI 316).
The metallic parts not in contact with the products (tunnel and mobile support) are glass blasted while the parts in contact with the capsules (inside surface of the drum) are polished with successively finer abrasives obtaining a very smooth surface (roughness < 0,4 μm) assuring minimal friction and optimum cleanability of the surfaces.
Other plastic parts in contact with the product are executed in FDA approved materials.
All the components from third suppliers are carefully chosen exclusively from reliable certified manufacturers.

Our tumble dryers can be easily integrated into an existing layout, as downstream devices, replacing the trays-based drying process, dramatically increasing your productivity.

CE certified
EUIPO Patented Design nr: 008017834-0001


-Standard mixing and emptying blade for softgel capsules
-Vertical tilting front door
-High output blowers
-Single rotation speed (4,5 RPM)
-Rotation ON/OFF switch
-Fan ON/OFF switch
-Emergency mushroom
-CEE plugs and sockets

A series of optional dotations is available in order to customize the tumblers for specific application (i.e. lightweight capsules) making our equipments the best solution to dry bulk materials with a smooth, gentle and constant movement, at the highest hygenic standards.


-Special shaped mixing and emptying blade for lightweight products
-Inner emptying device for discharging from front central hole
-Horizontal swinging front door
-Reverse rotation
-Variable Speed Drive (drum rotation from 0 to 4,5 RPM) with shielded cables
-Quick selector for up to 3 preloaded speed programs
-Open door sensor with warning light
-Drive wheels protections
-Special plugs and sockets

METALLINA is in a position to design, detail and manufacture tailor-made tumble dryers, meeting our customers’ needs and specifications.

Model KT1100

Power: AC 380 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power consumption: 0,44 Kw
Noise exposure: <80 dB at 1 m
Overall dimensions: LWH 1.250 x 903 (985*) x 1.450 mm
Charge max volume: 180 l
Drum dimensions: Ø 700 x 1.100 mm

*width for Variable Speed Drive option

Model KT1250

Power: AC 380 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power consumption: 0,44 Kw
Noise exposure: <80 dB at 1 m
Overall dimensions: LWH 1.420 x 903 (985*) x 1.450 mm
Charge max volume: 205 l
Drum dimensions: Ø 700 x 1.250 mm

*width for Variable Speed Drive option



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